System Health Check


Set up the automated system health check

Your system can be set to email out a report on the health of certain crucial resources in your Synergist database server, and about your 4D Server backup configuration.

Go to Tools & Settings > Utilitites > Scheduler

Click New and choose System Health Check from the Alert/process drop-down

Set the required frequency for the check - the default is weekly, on a monday, but set this as required - an alert is only sent if there is anything to report.

Make the scheduled process active and enter an email address for any alerts to be sent to - use a distribution list if you wish to alert a group of people.

What does the alert contain?

You will be alerted in the following situations:

No 4D Server backup configured

4D Server backup has not run successfully for over 2 days

4D Server backup reports an error

There is no journal file in use by 4D Server, or the journal has not been modified for more than 2 days

Low disk space on the volume where your Database folder is located

Your server has only one cpu core, and is a virtual OS (two cores are the minimum for virtual database servers)

What should I do if I receive a message?

For backup and journal file issues Email with the message contents

For disk space and cpu issues arrange to have additional resources assigned to the database server