Printing issue with Windows 8.1 and standard Synergist reports


Issue:  Printing problems after upgrading to Windows 8 service pack 1 (Windows 8.1)

This issue can be avoided by not applying service pack 1 to Windows 8.

Note also that the next full release of Synergist (10.7) is not affected by this issue.

Symptoms: Very small text in printed reports

Resolution:  Export the report to a text file, or use a customized version

Every standard list report in Synergist can be exported to a CSV file for opening and printing in Excel.  Certain single job or single phase reports do not have an export option.  If you regularly use these reports a custom version will be supplied on request which is unaffected by the change in Windows 8.1.

Please contact the helpdesk in the usual way to request any of the following reports in a format compatible with Windows 8.1:

Job card

Job card (with costs)

Job phase list

Costs - detail

Costs - summary

Job costs

Phase card

Staff costs