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Term Description
Phase Think of a phase as a chapter in a book with a job being the book. You can create multiple phases for any single job and all estimates, costs and invoices etc. are allocated to one or more of these phases. All jobs must have one phase - the first is automatically created when the job is created. There are three main ways of using phases: One main phase for the job: All estimating, cost capture, billing etc. is done on one single phase. Additional phases only added if your client requests chargeable amendments. Dividing job up for production: You may create a separate phase for each element of work. This is particularly useful if each department is part billing for the work being done. Repeat monthly billings: You could create a job with 12 phases; one for each month of the year.
Pipeline The "pipeline" is a sales analysis tool for viewing opportunities and past orders.
Profit (Gross and Net) Gross profit in Synergist is total invoiced minus total purchase costs (including expenses). Net profit in Synergist is total invoiced minus all costs (including time and material costs).
Project A project in Synergist is a collection of separate jobs and/or campaigns, which can be grouped together for quoting and billing purposes.
Prospect A Prospect in Synergist is typically an organisation that has shown an interest in your company's products or services. A prospect can be created directly but is more often promoted from a lead. A Prospect may have a related opportunity, which may include a quote, and may have a list of activities detailing any communications with the prospect. A prospect must be promoted to a "client" before it can have a live job and be invoiced. You may be pitching or quoting work to them.