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Term Description
Investment The difference between the recommended charge and the amount actually billed. A positive investment value means that you have under billed your client that much less than the recommended charge. A negative investment value means that you have over billed your client by that much more than the recommended charge. This is a cumulative value which can be reset.
Invoice - Draft In synergist all new invoices are created as drafts. In this way you are free to alter the invoice in the knowledge that no financial data is effected until you "make real". At this point the invoice is fixed.
Invoice - Real While an invoice is still at its draft stage you can amend it at will, even delete it if you wish. However, once you have clicked the "Make Real" button the invoice is allocated an invoice number and it is fixed. No amendments can be made and it cannot be deleted. If you find you have made an error in a real invoice the only option is to reverse the invoice by creating a credit note for the same amount.