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Term Description
Campaign A campaign is a sub project, with the same functionality as projects.
Campaign (marketing) A marketing campaign would be created if you wished to communicate with a selection of leads/contacts. The campaign can include a mail-shot or email-shot and you can optionally track and/or follow up the responses using auto-created activity records. After creating a marketing campaign you add contacts to it using the contact selection wizard.
Capacity Planning The Capacity Planning module provides you with a useful "loading view" of work currently on the system. As quotes and estimates are added to the system the Capacity Planning module creates special "loading data" that can be analysed/reported on using the Data Viewer. Capacity Planning is of particular use to companies that need to plan the utilisation of their staff resources. The view it provides into the future makes it easy to identify peaks and troughs in workload. It is less useful for managing fast moving jobs of short duration. For fast moving jobs the Web Portal MyTasks feature or the work allocation diary may prove more useful.
Chargeable time in Synergist For a timesheet to be counted as non-chargeable at least one of the following must be true: The timesheet is on a job for a client marked as an internal client. The timesheet is on a phase at in-house status The charge rate on the timesheet is zero The timesheet has been marked as investment All other timesheets are counted as chargeable.
Client In order to create a live job in Synergist you need to first have a client. A prospect can be promoted to a client, or a client can be created directly. Care must be taken before promoting a prospect to a client since you may be linking Synergist to an external accounts system (you need to ensure that your Synergist client code is the same as the client code in your accounts software).
Client Investment The difference between the recommended charge and the amount actually billed. A positive investment value means that you have under billed your client that much less than the recommended charge. A negative investment value means that you have over billed your client by that much more than the recommended charge.
Company Settings This will list all the companies you have set up on your system. A "company" in Synergist is a data-set. You can have more than one of these in Synergist - something you may want to do if you have major divisions on your organisation. Also, it is common practice to set up a "training" company which is a test data-set that you can use when experimenting with Synergist.
Completed job or phase When a job or a phase is marked as 'complete' it is removed from the list of open jobs or phases. All work has been completed but possibly not everything has been invoiced. This status can be easily reversed.
Contact A Contact is defined as a person working for a client or prospect. A contact may originate initially as a lead, or he/she may be added later to a client record via a job or activity. Contacts are accessed via the main menu from the "Clients & jobs" or "Sales & marketing" sections by clicking the Contacts icon.