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Term Description
Work in Progress (WIP) WIP relates to jobs which are currently open or jobs which may have been final invoiced and completed but still have costs which have not been ticked off (allocated to a sales or purchase invoice). WIP reports are amongst the key reports in Synergist (WIP retro should be run every month).
Write Off Job A 'write-off' in Synergist is a zero value invoice which is not posted to your accounts system, to which any outstanding costs are allocated (and removed from WIP) and which subsequently closes a job or phase. There are two main reasons you might want to write off a job or phase in Synergist: 1. Additional work has been done on a job but it is clear that no bill can be raised. The work therefore needs to come out of WIP and the job be closed. 2. A number of part invoices have been raised but the final invoice posted was not marked as a "final invoice". The job therefore remains open. You can batch write-off a number of jobs for a single client. This is particularly useful when writing off jobs for scenario 2. Note: When you write off a job you in effect create an invoice for a zero amount. The write off number is like an invoice number but the system uses a different numbering sequence (set in company parameters). A write off "invoice" is not posted to any linked accounts system.