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Term Description
2-tier Job 2 tier jobs are jobs that have a schedule of stages set up for each phase, and each of these are integrated with the estimate - providing a 2 level estimate. Stages provide another level of managing your job below the phase level.
4D Synergist runs on the 4th Dimension platform which is a relational database management system, integrated development environment, application and web server. Since 1995, Synergist has supported both the Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems and the web browser interface has been available since 1998.
Accounts link Link to your accounts package. Synergist currently links to all major accounts packages.
Activity Activities are tasks like phone calls, "to-dos" , emails etc, and can be related to leads, prospects, opportunities, jobs etc. From many areas in Synergist a user can create an Activity, add a description and comments, specify actions that need to be taken and by whom; and set deadlines. An email alert can scheduled as a reminder. When an Activity is allocated to someone for action an email Alert can be sent detailing what needs to be done and by when. Synergist automatically creates history records against each Activity every time any change is made (e.g. if the Note Status is changed or the due date altered). It is therefore easy to track what progress has been made.
Administrator Account Synergist automatically creates a special user called 'Administrator'. The person who is the overall manager of the system should know the password to this account and should log in as "Administrator" if he/she is intending to set up users, allocate licences etc. However, if the administrator is also a user of Synergist he/she should also have a normal user account. This is vital since the administrator account only has access to Tools & Settings. Provision should be made for times when the holder of this account is not available to log in (make sure the password is recorded somewhere). Version 11 and higher of the 4D Synergist server require user account creation and password resets to be done using the Administrator account.
Alerts Alerts are messages sent to users via the email system. Alerts are set up in 'company settings', and some can also be scheduled. They are usually triggered by a change of some sort in Synergist.
Attachments Attachments can be added to leads, prospects, opportunities, jobs etc. You can either select an existing document or generate a new one within Synergist (typically a word document) using a template.
Baseline estimate This is the initial estimate agreed with a client. It is referred to in the 'Baseline cost to complete' report (not a 'key' report). Multiple estimates can be saved as revisions.
Campaign A campaign is a sub project, with the same functionality as projects.
Campaign (marketing) A marketing campaign would be created if you wished to communicate with a selection of leads/contacts. The campaign can include a mail-shot or email-shot and you can optionally track and/or follow up the responses using auto-created activity records. After creating a marketing campaign you add contacts to it using the contact selection wizard.