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1 Promote job status from quote to live

Issue: I can't promote a job status from quote to live Resolution: In order for you to be able to change a job status from quote to live you will need to have the "cannot change the status of jobs to live" unticked. To change this you will need to go to file…

2 Setting up 'retainer' jobs

Requirement What is the best way to set up a retainer job? ResolutionOur basic recommendation for retainers is to use a project to represent each retainer. Within the project you have a single billing job which will be used to hold sales invoices. Often a…

3 Unable to deaden opportunity - there are unticked costs.

Issue: When trying to deaden an opportunity you receive a message about unticked costs Resolution: You cannot deaden an opportunity if there are costs on it that have been neither invoiced nor written off (ie they are unticked) and still in WIP (work in progress).…

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