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Adding a new Synergist Media company
Author: David Stevenson Reference Number: AA-01001 Views: 2302 Created: 11-03-2016 10:37 am Last Updated: 11-03-2016 10:37 am 0 Rating/ Voters

Summary: Adding a new company that will use the Media module

If you need to add an additional company to your Synergist database that will use the media buying module there are certain decisions that need to be made prior to starting to process schedules and inserts in the new company.  The main consideration is whether or not the new company will use the same database of clients and suppliers (media owners) as an existing company.

If the choice is to share these databases then you need to go into company settings for the new company (NB - this is company settings, not media settings) and charge the client FM company number and supplier FM company number to the company number whose database you wish to share.  These changes are made on the details tab of company settings.

All other Media File Maintenance is global (Media titles, adverts etc) are global, so they are visible in all companies anyway.

If the choice is to create new databases of clients and suppliers (Media owners) in the new company they will have to be associated with their Media titles in the usual way for a new supplier (Media owner).

The only other important thing to point out is that the numbering for schedule codes, insert codes, space order codes, cancellation codes, invoice numbers, credit note numbers and Media PIR numbers all have to be unique across all companies in Synergist, so you would have to start sequences for these numbers in the new compnay such that there is no possibility of overlap with sequences in other companies.

All other Media settings can probably be set to reflect the same settings in the existing Media company, although you may wish to discuss this with your account handler if you need more detail.

Layouts will also be required in the new company, these can be copied from the existing company to the new company as normal, and then any new branding can be applied to the copies.  Refer to either your account handler or the helpdesk for more information on this.

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