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Email integration troubleshooting
Author: David Stevenson Reference Number: AA-00621 Views: 6095 Created: 28-02-2012 03:57 pm Last Updated: 17-01-2018 10:07 am 0 Rating/ Voters


Email integration has been working in the past, but has since stopped working.  Message sent to the mailbox used by Synergist are no longer being collected and created as activities in Synergist. Synergist is retrieving the subject line but not the body text of a message.

If you want information on setting up email integration for the first time please see the related article at the end of this article.


There are several possible causes.

The email integration process is not active.

The POP3 / IMAP settings in Synergist are no longer valid.  This can be the result of a Gmail mailbox requiring access to be granted to "less secure" applications.

The email integration process does not have access to the attachments folder (where email messages are downloaded to).

Incoming mail is encoded without a plain text body.


Email integration process active?

To check if email integration is still active log in to Synergist and open tools & settings > utilities > scheduler.  There should be an entry in the list of scheduled events called "email integration".  The active box should be checked.  If it is not, double click the entry and check the active box.  From the list of scheduled events highlight email integration and click the Run Now button.  This will return you to utilities - go back into scheduler and check that the last run date and time has updated.

POP3 / IMAP settings

If the scheduler item is already active, and the last run date and time is updating correctly then check the POP3 / IMAP settings.  These can be specified in either system parameters or company settings.  Check company settings first, as these will be used, if specified.  Go to tools & settings > company settings > web/email.  If the settings here are correct and the test button returns no error message move on to check network permissions.  If they are not correct, update them and click the test button.  A successful test will display the number of messages in the mailbox, otherwise an error will be retruned.  Advise helpdesk of this error for more information.

If the mail server settings in company settings are blank ensure that the "enabled for this company" box is ticked, and that the Synergist email address is filled in correctly, then close company settings and open tools & settings > utilities > system parameters > email.  Check the POP3 / IMAP settings here - smtp settings are not relevant to this feature so they can be ignored.  If these settings are correct, and the test button returns no error message move on to check network permissions.  If they are not correct, update them and click test.  Success or failure will be indicated in the same way as for company settings.  If these settings are blank (and the company settings are blank) then email integration has not been configured and you should contact helpdesk for advice.

If your mailbox is a Gmail mailbox, it may be that you now need to allow Synergist access to the mailbox.  Refer to this KB article:

Allow Synergist to access a Gmail mailbox for email integration

Network permissions

Network permissions are a common point of failure for email integration, but are often the most difficult to resolve.  Even if the POP3 / IMAP settings check out OK as described above the process can still fail due to incorrect network permissions.  Once Synergist has successfully opened the mailbox specified for use with email integration it will attempt to download the messages it finds.  These messages are stored in text files in the attachments folder.  The location of this folder is specified in either company settings or system parameters.

Check company settings first, as these will be used, if specified.  Go to tools & settings > company settings > attachments.  If these paths are not set close company settings and open tools & settings > utilities > system parameters > attachments.  The server path is the one used by email integration.  Because the email integration runs on the 4D Server computer, it is the network permissions on the attachments folder for the server which need to be checked.

If the 4D Server computer is a Macintosh, ensure that the root of the path is mounted as a volume on the desktop of the server.  Similarly Windows servers where the path is a mapped network drive, ensure the mapping is available to the server.  If the server is Windows, and 4D Server is running as a service, a mapped network drive path will not work, either a local folder or a UNC path must be used.  If using a UNC path you must add the server computer local system account to the network permissions on the file server that hosts the attachments path (see the pdf document attached to the bottom of this article for more information on allowing a computer's local system account access to network permissions).

Any requests for authentication when accessing the attachments folder from the server computer via Finder / Explorer will prevent email integration for functioning, this location must be permanently available.

As always, all three paths (Windows, Macintosh and server) MUST point to the same location.

Body encoding

Email integration requires a plain text body.  If your mail server encodes incoming email to be html-only, Synergist email integration will be unable to read the email contents.  Check that a plain text alternative option is enabled on the POP3 / IMAP service on your mail server.  This will require s restart of the POP3 / IMAP service.

Enable logging

If working through the above does not resolve the problem you can enable a log that tracks the progress of the email integration process.  Open tools & settings > company settings > attachments.  Just below the email address used for email integration is a checkbox to enable logging.  Tick this and close company settings.  Open tools & settings > utilities > scheduler and select the email integration item then click run now.  This will trigger the creation of the email integration log file.

This text file will be placed on the 4D Server computer in the Synergist database folder.  Send the log to we will be able to identify the point of failure.  Once you have sent us the log file you should go back to company settings and disable the logging feature.

Exchange Server settings

Authentication on the POP3 service needs to be set to plain text.

The POP3 service and the MS Exchange Transport service will need to be restarted after any changes.

POP3 and SMTP services can be checked using a telnet client.

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