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Create a new user account
Author: Synergist Knowledge Reference Number: AA-00364 Views: 14737 Created: 06-10-2010 01:00 pm Last Updated: 30-08-2017 11:47 am 100 Rating/ 1 Voters


Unable to use the new user wizard. Receive the following alert when trying to create new user using regular user account:


Log in as Administrator. This will give you access to the new user wizard.

You must use the Administrator account to create new users and reset passwords in 4D v11 and Synergist 10.6x and earlier. Other administration can be performed using your normal account (so long as you have the required access). In 4D v13 and Synergist 10.7 and higher you can create new user accounts and reset passwords when logged in with your regular user account, so long as that account has access to 'File maintenance' and 'Users and staff'.


Other notes:

You will also need to use the 'Administrator' account to edit a user name after a name change (following marriage, for example). Rename the user account, and the associated staff resource(s) and expense account(s).  Finally you can change the initials on the user account, if necessary, by clicking the “Change” button next to the initials.

All other administrative work (reassigning permissions and licenses, for example) can be carried out using your normal user account, so long as you have the necessary permissions.

There are 2 tutorial videos available relating to user account creation. These can be accessed by registered Synergist users only. Users of the web portal can click on the 'Client Area' link in the top right. Users of the 4D client for Synergist can click on Help > About > Synergist Video Tutorials (Windows) or 4D Client > About > Synergist Video Tutorials (Mac).

There is also information in the online help file (available from the help menu in Synergist) about setting up user accounts - go to Tools & settings > File maintenance > Users & staff.

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