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How to transfer costs from one phase to another
Author: Synergist Knowledge Reference Number: AA-00293 Views: 6673 Created: 27-08-2010 11:46 am Last Updated: 30-08-2017 11:39 am 0 Rating/ Voters


Costs need to be moved to another phase


Costs can be transferred from one phase to another, using the actions button from within the phase where the time currently sits:

  • Actions
  • Transfer costs to another phase
  • Select the phase to which you want the costs to be transferred
  • If you want the option to pick which costs to transfer, make sure there is a tick in the 'Choose individual costs' box
  • Go to the appropriate tab (time, materials or purchases)
Pre Synergist version 10.5x:
  • Highlight the desired cost(s) in the upper section that you wish to transfer
  • Use the arrows in the centre to move these selected items to the bottom section
Synergist 10.5x and later:
  • Tick the box to the far right of the costs you wish to transfer
  • Click okay and the transfer will happen immediately

Other notes:

Only unticked costs can be transferred. If the items you wish to transfer have been ticked off (allocated to a sales invoice), you will need to untick them first (How to deallocate costs from a sales invoice).

When transferring costs from a non 2-tier job to a 2-tier job you will get a choice of which stage within a phase to transfer to when you enter the job and phase. At that point, you will be given the option to select a stage if the target job is 2 tier. If the job you are transferring from is 2-tier, then the job you are transferring to will also need to be 2-tier.

Access to the transfer costs utility can be granted to a user account in file maintenance, by ticking the 'job utilities' box on the user permissions page. If your user account has no access to job utilities, the 'transfer costs' option will be greyed out on the actions menu.

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